Report projects 2019

In 2019 we carried out various scholarship projects in Bara, Dhading, Kagati and Listikot. In addition to the scholarships, and thanks to our sponsors, we have also been able to help enormously with the special projects such as the “school lunch” in Dhading, the festive banquet in Bara and “ecological-beekeeping” at the Vajra Academy.


We have adopted this village, located close to the Indian border, and have been able to make a difference for 224 children towards a possibly better future. This concerns children of parents who work in the cement and clothing industry; the so-called “untouchables”.

The principal H4oN objective is providing education for the poorest children in Nepal by handing out scholarships. But sometimes we notice that extra help is needed, e.g.  the new water tank in Bara. The previous one had been destroyed in a storm and purchasing a new one was necessary for hygienic reasons, but there was no money…


In Dhading we were able to help 123 children with school supplies, clothes and shoes. In the spring of 2019, we came to the shocking discovery that the main reason for going to school in the village of Dhading is that the children can have a free meal there. The parents simply have no money for food. The school is now trying to provide meals, because learning is difficult on an empty stomach and in Nepal children usually have to walk a long way going to school. Thanks to various sponsors, we were able to buy cookers, plates, cutlery and raw materials in addition to the school supplies and clothing, so the children now get one meal on school days.


In the spring of 2019, we made about 100 children happy in Kagati. This village was the poorest we have seen so far. Many rejected mothers, child marriages, polygamy and poverty … In short, hopelessness. But also joy of living, hope, the will to learn, fun! With the contributions of our donors, we made it possible for these children going and to continue on going to school. Only because they have now received the necessary clothing, footwear and school supplies. Small gesture, big effect!


In Listikot we helped another 100 children, and we provided lessons in sustainable gardening. At the same time, we started a discussion about the effects of plastics on our environment.